Our Mission 🌍

We are passionate about sustainability and we are committed to giving back to the environment and becoming a carbon-neutral business. Our Forest in the Scottish Highlands is just one way we can help achieve this.

Our Forest 🌱

Since the start of 2021, we have been planting trees in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future. We have been continuing our work with conservation charities to plant trees at Dundreggan near Loch Ness to restore the ancient Caledonian Forest, a rich habitat found only in the Scottish Highlands.

Our trees start as saplings grown from locally collected seed and will be one of several species. With mires, wetlands, and wildflower meadows, Dundreggan is a haven for wildlife. Over 4,000 species have been discovered there, with some found nowhere else in the UK. Our saplings are be planted alongside other young, native trees, transforming open hillsides into healthy young woodland, rich in wildlife. Once our trees reach maturity, natural regeneration will go on to create the wild forests of the future.

Our Trees🌲

So far, we have planted 8 trees and our aim is to plant a tree ever month. We have even started to name our trees. Each month we create polls on our social media so customers and partners can vote on their preferred name. Some of the names so far include William Wallace, Tarzan, Whomping Willow and Groot.

Planting trees helps us offset our carbon emissions and provide a more sustainable service to our clients. Reducing our carbon footprint will lower the environmental impact the business has. This will help us reach our goal of becoming a carbon neutral business.

You can keep track of our forest on our online Tree Grove: https://treesforlife.org.uk/groves/296180/          

 If you have any thoughts, feedback or suggestions we would love to hear! https://aalproperty.co.uk/contact-us/

Stay tuned and watch our forest grow 🌱