Traditional marketing methods such as online adverts and publications can still be an effective way to fill empty properties. Although these methods can take time to achieve results. Inevitably the longer a property remains empty the higher the costs. 3D virtual property tours can speed up the process and help you achieve faster results. Property management companies have been using 3D Tours for a while now although, the technology did not become widespread until the COVID-19 pandemic 2020.

3D Tours 🆚 Traditional Video Promotion

A 3D Tour merges multiple video recordings and images to create a three-dimensional view of every room in a property. They are controlled in a similarly way to Street View on Google Maps. In contrast, a standard video tour is filmed from the videographer’s point of view. This method records the property at the same pace as the camera moves around. This has several limitations such as poor video quality, motion blurs, missing features and bad lighting 🤳🏼

Profitability and Speed 📈

3D Tours are more effective than photographs and videos alone. They generate more interest and enquiries and can make a property look more attractive to applicants. With a larger number of applicants to choose from, this can ensure the most suitable applicant is selected. 3D Tours can save time and can help viewers narrow down what they are looking for before making a decison. The need for unnecessary travel is avoided and this mitigates the risk of unproductive or missed viewing appointments.

Engagement 🤝

3D Tours allow for a more in-depth viewing experience. Firstly, they allow for increased engagement which often results in viewers booking a physical appointment. Secondly, a larger number of enquiries makes finding the right person easier and helps filter out uninterested applicants. Thirdly, 3D Tours are accessible anywhere and can be viewed on any device such as mobile, desktop and tablet.

Issues 🤷🏻

There have been some concerns with 3D Tours. Recently the BBC reported that one agent had published a 3D Tour that exposed the clients’ sensitive personal data. Financial paperwork could be seen by zooming into the 3D Tour. Using a third-party 3D tour provider can help address such issues as they are completely independent from the sales and lettings process and have a greater focus on providing a quality 3D Tour. Independent 3D Tour providers are often trained to use the latest features including data protection measures.

The Future of 3D Tours 🔮

The property market is already shifting towards digital solutions and many are opting for 3D Tours and Floor Plans. These solutions ultimately increase demand and achieve faster results. Expectations are constantly on the rise. As the technology further advances we can expect the virtual revolution to play a greater role in our society.  

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Adam Al-khateb 01/06/21