The Scottish Government are in the process of making EPC changes 🔠. The new proposals include changes to metrics, accessibility, validity and the use of data.   

EPC Changes 🔠

Currently the existing EPC is based on two metrics: 

Energy Efficiency Rating (£): Based on running cost (£ per m2) 

Environmental Impact Rating: Based on emissions (kg CO2e per m2) 

These two metrics would be renamed as ‘Energy Cost Rating’ and ‘Carbon Emissions Rating’ to provide better clarity to building owners as the consultation proposes a third metric. This metric would be called ‘Energy Use Rating’ and would be based on kWh/M²/year. It would inform dwelling owners about their property’s energy use. 

New Proposals 📝 

Fabric Rating – This would provide a clear rating of the dwelling’s fabric efficiency, i.e., the energy required to be supplied by the heating system to achieve standardised internal conditions. 

Cost Rating –Presenting a 0-100 rating index rather than a £/m2/yr indicator, as a £/m2/yr could suggest predicted running costs to homeowners (which is not the case). 

Heating System Type – Include information about the efficiency of the system with the potential to introduce a classification of heating systems from high efficiency zero direct emission heating systems to Heating systems with direct emissions. 

Validity Period of EPCs ⏳ 

The Scottish Government has stated again the importance of EPCs which have a key role to play as a first step towards improving energy efficiency and reaching zero direct emissions. 

The EPC’s validity period from ten years to five has been proposed by the consultation. This would mean that an updated EPC would be needed at the current trigger points (such as a sale or let to a new tenant) if one has not been issued in the last five years. This is intended to provide prospective owners and tenants with more up-to-date information about the building

Additional Proposals 😱

As England and Wales is currently digitized, Scottish Government wants to follow or are keen to move away from the PDF EPC to a more digital solution. 

Alongside an updated EPC format, the modernisation of the EPC Register offers the potential to improve the use of EPC data. Making full use of this dataset offers significant advantages to those involved in delivering net zero. 

Timeline 📈  

The Scottish Government proposes to introduce the reformed EPC shortly after amended Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations are introduced this winter, ahead of proposed Heat in Buildings regulations being introduced. 

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